En la línea de calidad que nos caracteriza, presentamos nuestras nuevas patatas fritas con aroma limón y pimienta;  estos comentarios del jurado nos valieron ser reconocidos con una estrella en los prestigiosos Great Taste Awards 2018.

"Table 1: Very inviting crisps. Evenly cut and with a great crunch. Acidulated on the nose with a hint of pepper. The lemon is very subtle and there was a faint oiliness on the finish. Moreish.  Table R3: An intriguing idea and indeed they do taste of pepper with an acidic tang, very clever!  Light and crisp, well done.  Well seasoned.  Table 2: Attractive evenly fried crisps with good clean aroma, there is some good potato flavour, they also have a great crunch, the other ingredients are subtle that is giving a refined product."